INVESYDE GROUP was founded in 2004 as part of the union of prestigious university professors and professionals. It currently has more than 50 workers.

We provide consulting services and IT solutions to companies linked to the spanish electricity sector. We have an R&D vocation and we are committed to a professional model based on the direct relationship and confidentiality with the client.

Our relationship with the client is exclusive and personalized.

We listen to your needs and provide you with all the tools needed. We also get involved and accompany you from the beginning to the end of the entire collaborative period.

The main value of the company resides in its team of more than 50 professionals.

The sense of belonging that we establish – through the remuneration model, work-life balance and progressive participation in the shareholders – translates into a proactive relationship committed to the client’s needs. Our loyalty level exceeds 95% and our turnover rate is just 1% in the last five years, much lower than the industry’s average.

The level of commitment and satisfaction of our clients is also ours.